Dr. Fang in Regalia (May 20, 2006)

Pricture 1: Associate Dean of McCombs School of Business put the hood on me.

With the Associate Dean of McCombs School of Business 

Picture 2: Dr Fang in front of UT emblem

Dr. Fang

Picture 3: I am with my Ph.D. supervisor, Dr. Andrew Whinston, whom I respect.


Senior Experience Team Fall 2006 (Nothwest Mutual Fund)

This was my first time supervising a Senior Experience and it was a lot of fun. I gained a lot of experience by seeing all sorts of problems a team could encounter. I will summarize it later in my blog. But below are my endearing team members Barry, Rachida, Brian and Dmitri. Sorry that Laura Atwater missed the photo shot. 😦 But I will remember you.


Our New Business Building

Apr 27, 2006 is the grand openning date of our new business building (Markstein Hall). No matter what other people say, all our CoBA faculty members loved it. In addition, I was on the Building Maintanance committee.Is it cool?

New Markstein Hall

My new Office


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