Hello, My name is Fang Fang. I am an Assistant professor of College of Business Administration at California State University at San Marcos.  I earned my degree from the Univ of Texas at Austin in the summer of 2005. As I defended my Ph.D. thesis, my supervisor and I went over the projects I had done and those in the pipeline. I saw a clear path of my research line and a path of technology development and the life being changed. The emerging of one technology is always exciting and brings people little conveniency or other value. However, it is nothing compare to the aggregation of all the technologies. The word “huge” seems to be far from enough to describe. As I enjoyed the journey, I hope the website can bring you a little something, or not. Eithe way, hope our lives all get better.


3 Responses to “About Me and This Blog”

  1. xlhe Says:

    hi. Professor fangfang.
    I found you!

  2. Xelton Tzedek Says:

    Um, hello. I had randomly Googled myself, and found that you or your students had used one of my comments on an article about Second Life, inside the ppt Virtual Lives = Real Money. x] I’ll have you know, I was 15 when I had wrote that, 16 currently. I appreciate the recognition, as I wasn’t expecting to have any of my material used in anything really, much less college projects! Anyway, just was wondering if you had any thoughts on that. Heh..

  3. arielfang Says:


    Thank you for leaving the comment. I didn’t expect anyone would read those articles except for my current students looking for a template to work on. 😛

    I have tried to search you and find quite some results from google. Apparently you are quite active in this field. If you want to exchange ideas, can you please email me via, or


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