Spent an afternoon to have titanium setup on my computer and registered the developer account. Now it is running on my ipad2! (very very basic one…)


This semester, I supervised a senior experience project for our CSUSM career center to identify new marketing venues for their services. The group has five girls, very sweet and hard-working girls. They are always on top of things and accomplished more than asked for. In the end, they delivered very impressive recommendations for our “consulting” client. I really enjoyed working with them. And seems they also enjoyed working with me 😛 (At least I hope so) The photo was taken at the trade show.

This semester, a group of German students visited our school and I was assigned to teach them a class of Project Management. It was a quite interesting experience since students are so different from the students we have on this campus. 🙂 I remember one day before spring break, I just finished grading their midterm exam and posted the grades on Moodle site. Then I ran into one student outside of the library. He said, “OMG, Ms. Fang Fang, you are so quick grading those exams!” (I finished grading one day after the test.)

“I was not expecting to see my grades, until TK texted me. It will take our professor in Germany 3 months to finish grading”… I laughed…

I also remember their knocking the desk when I dismissed the class. My first reaction hearing it was that it must be some prank. But they told me that means “THANK YOU”… Interesting culture? (Or is it a culture thing at all?) They have good quantitative skills and are always very good keeping up on homework assignments. They seem enjoying staying in San Diego very much too. I always thought maybe I will get them together after the semester, but just found out that they already left. Today I received a thank-you card from them, which is really really sweet. Hope you all well and maybe seeing you some time later… wave~~~

I have to talk about them:

  • “SG Project Management”, $9.99 only. You can easily create a Gantt Chart and PDF it to anyone in your friends’ list. What a great idea. Screen shots coming soon.
  • “Textastic”, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to connect to a webserver and do your webprogramming work, until you tried it out. This got me thinking: Will people still need a computer in the future? Also, screen shots coming soon. (A side note, I am currently using MS Visual Studio, which is slow slow…. This app connects to the FTP site very fast. The downside is that I haven’t figure out how to use it to connect to the SQL Server yet. But the coding part can be taken care of.)


  1. Consistency
  2. Transparency
  3. Flexibility
  4. Agility
  5. Educational

Good news to our MIS students? Curriculum should be more business-focused and using more real stories.

MIS Society (http://www.csusm.edu/missociety) just had its first event of the Spring 2009 semester. Still excited and waiting for the videos and photos to share, just wanted to thank all the officers for their hard work to make it happen.

In the event, the guest speaker, Mr. Steve Romeo, and the other guests from MIS advisory board constantly mentioned the word passion. Yes, what is passion?

Looking back my student life, I used to have some passion and actively participate in student organizations just because I loved it. But gradually, reality hits me when I need to pass the TOEFL and GRE exams. I have to find a good supervisor and start a good research topic. Then find a job to resolve my visa and green card issue…. Start teaching and try to do the best I can so as to be able to sustain my job. But where is my passion? Thinking back, I have to admit that I love teaching, I love interacting with my students, I love it when my students learn things. I’ve been always enjoying the Tradeshow of senior experience. I enjoy attending the senior experience presentation, observing the improvement of the students from when they just entered the college taking BUS 304 and struggling for those basic statistics concepts. Literally, the changes are huge, and I was part of forces making the change happen. How great!

After getting home from the event, I am still too excited to fall asleep. I looked my album one more and found some photos I took from college, when I was a student officer in charge of the departmental athletic union. We just won the cup of “John Ma”. God, that was also a great memory to remember. I wish the officers will feel the same level of pride after the event on Thursday!image0030image00301

Way too cool to be a website I had ever imagined. !@#$%%^&&*

This semester, I had planned to take a rest of senior experience after supervised four teams last semester. Though it was an interesting experience, it is a lot to take in for a semester. But this semester, due to some reason, I have to supervise another four teams again! Luckily, I got great students and interesting projects. And now it is the time to show off their accomplishments.

Team 1 (indexed based on the order of presentation): APT. Marketing analysis in telecomm and electricity industry on their training needs.(from left to right: Me, Caleb Groff, Eric Gerza, Steve Blume (sponsor), Sarah Miller, Matt Walsh, Michael Blume (sponsor)

dsc03258-sTeam 2: La Provence Bakery on the new Zino cookie marketing strategy. (From left to right: John Muse, me, Katrina Caspelich, Bobby Graves (sponsor), Darren Buonaguidi, Eltron Jaraicie)


Team 3: LifeCal.com – A feasibility research on the business idea of college calendar sharing. (From left to right: Derek Van Gompel, Mike Schwaab, Amanda Haddock, me, Tanya Miranda, and Arisa Isayama)


Team 4: Ready America for production manuals and cost analysis. (From left to right, Jessica Tran, Robert Sirrine, Stephanie Kozak, me, and Linh Phuong)


Interesting. Mouse (actually the computer mouse) is already 40 year old. It’s birthday is Dec 9, which is also a famous Chinese day for students movements. It is considered as one of the greatest IT inventions of all time.

Even more surprisingly, every since it was invented, Logitech has already sold 1 billion (!) mice one week before it’s 40th birthday. Can you imagine anything that has been produced a billion? Maybe only a few? anyway, I think it is pretty amazing.

Here is an interesting link shows the evolution of Apple mouses. Cute. http://vectronicsappleworld.com/macintosh/mouse.html